Brushing III

Video edited by Yeon Park
Technical documentation link for DIY makers interested

In Brushing III, I've focused on expressing the internal characteristic people can experience through a brushing activity sonically. When the audience brushes on the piece, multiple piezo microphones receive the brushing sound and output it through 8 speakers, providing a spatial sound experience. On the surface, there are 220 custom made FSR sensors which detect the position and pressure of the brush. These pressure parameters are mapped with a delay effect so that the sound can have a rhythmic feature based on the audience's movement. The piece consists of a strong correlation with the 'brush' and the nuanced and dynamic component of it. The audience can re-experience brush, an everyday object, differently through the sound, sense of their own hand, and movement.

This project was built in a solely DIY process. The FSR sensors and circuit boards were all custom-made, and I've done the programming myself. Therefore this project can be a useful reference for other DIY artists and makers. I am planning to publish the technical details of this project through Medium soon, so that it can benefit several DIY artists and makers around the world.

This project have been mentored by Dr. Romain Michon and Sey Min. Also, project have been funded by Korea Creative Content Agency and Art Center Nabi.