Living Imaginaries

Video and audio recorded by Dave Kerr

Renamed as "Living Imaginaries" in 2020
Living Imaginaries started with a small question “how would it sound and look if I live inside a plant?” I was intrigued by the contrast of plant’s subtleness of its exterior, and the vibrant life activity of its interior. In the installation, multichannel speaker system plays realtime synthesized audio that is spatialized, and two projectors emit green particles generated in realtime. The visuals from the projectors are reflected by mylar films which are scattered around the space. In the center of the installation, a small acrylic board scribbled with blue paint is hung from the top, which provides a gentle touch and stability to the vibrant energy that is surrounding it. Through this, the visuals which were originally an moving image, obtains a materialistic aspect that fills the space. Through incorporating spatiality, strong presence of particles as materials not just visuals, and the realtime liveliness fulfills the recreation of a living imaginaries about that spawn from my own small imagination.